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Metaverse Builds
Bittrees, Inc. can help you locate, purchase, build, and design parcels in the metaverse catered to your specific goals and needs. The opportunities are endless as these spaces can function as storefronts, social gathering forums, concert halls, and more. We also provide strategies to maximize your impact in the Metaverse.
Bittrees, Inc. projects in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse Platform.
NFT Launches
We help artists launch their music or art NFTs in the Metaverse.  We provide support from start to finish and encourage partnerships with charitable organizations. 

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Metaverse Tours
Bittrees, Inc. educates interested parties on the digital world and provides personalized tours within Cryptovoxels
We take on clients who want slick front-facing designs with simple, trustless blockchain foundations. 
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Bittrees, Inc. develops web3 technology based solutions for automating business processes. We have a full stack, and highly skilled solidity development team, for all your web3 needs.  Our agile team is ready to undertake projects from inception to completion.  We take pride in establishing trust with our clients and have repeatedly been awarded additional projects due to our quick turnaround, high standards, and excellent results. 

Smart Contracts
Bittrees, Inc. undertakes projects for smart contract development as well as full stack development.  We develop smart contracts that function as transaction protocols. They can automatically execute, control, or document actions using the blockchain as the underlying technology. 

Bittrees can mask several protocol level functions with user friendly Dapps. This allows for previously complicated actions, to be completed with ease. We design our interfaces to be intuitive while not taking performance, feature, or security shortcuts.

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BPMS (1).png

Bittrees Portal Hub & Network: 
We use the network to transport avatars to different locations, while connecting virtual spaces of partners.  This allows a consumer to quickly travel through the space. We provide unique passive marketing and advertisement opportunities within this space.

Builders Guild: 
Metaverse architectural contracting agency.  Members of this club have exclusive access to a database of images and voxels. 

Builders Property Management Services: 
BPMS provides automated management to virtual properties, tailored to the owners specifications.  Provides consultation for real estate transactions in the Metaverse.

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