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The Team
We believe building our brand foundation around our three pillars will make for a more ethical form of business. 

We don't treat people as commodities and don't believe any business should. 

Equity and empowerment permeate every pillar and informs the way we conduct business and ourselves every day. 

We support each others passions, are risk takers, dreamers, nurturers, innovators, doers, thinkers, and believers. 
Jonathan Hineline
Founder, Metaverse Strategy, Business Partnerships, NFT Mechanism Design, Bittrees Property Management Services
Ben Goetz
Founder, Technology Development, Solidity and Full Stack Development, Scrum Master, Quality Assurance
Ian Prebo
Founder, Business Relations, Metaverse Interactions, Community Development and Partnerships, Music & Art Gallery Launches
Joseph Evington
Financial Services, Risk Assessment, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
Danyse Jensen
Operations, Professional Development, Internal Relations, Human Resources
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