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Bringing Creators and Communities Together in Web3

Bittrees, Inc. is a metaverse native company with its corporate headquarters located in Cryptovoxels. 

We are a business and services company that designs and develops technology stacks that service virtual spaces and their users.

The Bittrees Portal Network helps adventurers travel across the ever-growing Cryptovoxels virtual reality ecosystem.

We see the metaverse as a mirror of the physical world where the only limit is the imagination.

At Bittrees we approach the development of the metaverse from THREE key pillars


We AUTOMATE business processes through the use of digital technology.  This allows for greater ease of use, more accurate record keeping, and an unmatched level of transparency and security.


We DEVELOP assets and governance structures for non-fungible and fungible tokens. These solutions are inherently scalable and designed to overcome challenges in both the real world and emerging virtual worlds in the metaverse.


We BUILD strategies that capitalize on the unique characteristics of the metaverse.  Our focus is fostering connections between people as we aim to ease the mechanisms that contribute to the flourishment of any community.


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